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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Position Title: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Reports to: Board of Directors
Reporting to this position: Division Heads be they C-Suite Officers or Senior Directors; other positions as assigned

MHP Salud promotes the Community Health Worker (CHW) profession nationally as a culturally appropriate strategy to improve health and implements CHW programs to empower underserved Latino communities. As a two-pronged organization, MHP Salud:
  • provides technical assistance, capacity building, resource development, training, and cultural representation in creating and integrating Community Health Workers into their organizations and communities
  • works within the most vulnerable Latino communities in several states that are often rural, primarily Spanish-speaking, and face barriers when trying to maintain a healthy life such as access to health services, healthy foods and cultural representation within the health care system
As such, MHP Salud is a bilingual (Spanish and English) and bicultural organization.

Job Summary

The CEO serves as chief executive of MHP Salud and, in partnership with the Board, is responsible for the success of MHP Salud. Together, the Board and CEO assure MHP Salud’s relevance to the communities it serves; the accomplishment of the organization’s mission and vision; and the accountability of MHP Salud to its partners, funders, and communities.

The Board delegates responsibility for management and day-to-day operations to the CEO, and s/he has the authority to carry out these responsibilities, in accordance with the direction and policies established by the Board. The CEO provides direction and enables the Board as it carries out its governance functions.


1. Legal compliance
a) Assures the filing of all legal and regulatory documents and monitors compliance with relevant laws and regulations
b) Assures legal and regulatory compliance required by federal and state entities are supported and embedded in the structure and activities of the organizations

2. Mission, policy and planning
a) Works in collaboration with the Board to determine MHP Salud’s values, mission, vision, and short- and long-term goals
b) Assists the Board to monitor and evaluate MHP Salud’s relevancy to the community, its effectiveness, and its results
c) Keeps the Board fully informed on the condition of MHP Salud and on all the important factors influencing it, including but not limited to: Revised Dec 2021 2
  • Identifies problems and opportunities and addresses them; brings those which are appropriate to the Board and/or its committees; and facilitates discussion and deliberation
  • Informs the Board and its committees about trends, issues, problems and activities in order to facilitate policymaking.Recommends policy positions.
d) Keeps informed of developments in human services, non-profit management and governance, funding management, and fund development

3. Management and Administration
a) Provides general oversight of all MHP Salud activities, manages the day-to-day operations, and assures a smoothly functioning and efficient organization
b) Assures program quality and organizational stability through the development and implementation of standards and controls, systems and procedures, grants management, and regular evaluation
c) Assures a work environment that recruits, retains and supports quality staff. Assures process for selecting, development, motivating, and evaluating staff.
d) Recommends staffing and financing to the Board of Directors. In accordance with Board policy, recruits personnel, negotiates professional contracts, and sees that appropriate salary structures are developed and maintained
e) Specifies accountabilities for management personnel and evaluates performance regularly

4. Governance
a) Helps the Board articulate its own role and accountabilities, that of its committees and individual members, and helps evaluate performance regularly
b) Works with the Board President to enable the Board to fulfill its governance functions and facilitates the optimum performance by the Board, its committees and individual Board members
c) With the Board President, focuses Board attention on long-range strategic issues
d) Manages the Board’s due diligence process to assure timely attention to core issues
e) Works with the Board officers and committee chairs to get the best thinking and involvement of each Board member and to stimulate each Board member to give his or her best
f) Recommends individuals to participate in the Board and its committees

5. Financing
a) Promotes programs and services that are produced in a cost-effective manner, employing economy while maintaining an acceptable level of quality
b) Oversees the fiscal activities of the organization including budgeting, reporting and audit
c) Works with Board to ensure financing to support short- and long-term goals
d) Assures an effective funding strategy for both the long and short term that addresses changes in the internal and external environment
  • Helps guide and enable the Board and its individual Board members to participate actively in the funding strategy process
  • Helps the Board design, implement and monitor a viable financing plan and Revised Dec 2021 3 policies
  • Assures the development and operation of financial management systems and reports for quality decision-making
6. External Relations
a) Based on the MHP Salud mission, facilitates the integration of MHP Salud into the fabric of key communities, committees, conferences, and other areas of impact
b) Acts as an advocate, within the public and private sectors, for issues relevant to MHP Salud, its services and constituencies
c) Serves as chief spokesperson for MHP Salud and assures proper representation of MHP Salud to its constituents
d) Initiates, develops, and maintains cooperative relationships with key constituencies

Executive Limitations: See relevant Board policies.

Physical Demands/Working Conditions: This position has full responsibility for MHP Salud’s operations. Handles detailed, complex concepts and problems, balances multiple tasks simultaneously, and makes rapid decisions regarding administrative issues. Position ensures:
• programs are planned and implemented effectively
• strong and appropriate relationships with Board, committees, staff and clients
• smooth and constructive relationships with executive colleagues, outside agencies, organizations and individuals
• Deadlines are planned and met
• Conveys a professional and positive image and attitude regarding MHP Salud and the non-profit sectors
• Demonstrates commitment to continued professional growth and development

Hours may be long and irregular.
Position: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Organization: MHP Salud
Location: Ypsilanti,  MI 
United States
Salary: Salary Range is $140,000-175,000 DOQE
Posting Start Date: 4/1/2022
Date Posted: 1/6/2022
Requirements Qualifications:

• An earned master’s degree
• Minimum of 7-10 years of experience in senior management positions, including Human Resources experience.
• Experience on/with Boards
• Possess an understanding of, and experience with, bi-lingual and bi-cultural organizations

• Non-profit sector experience
• The ability to speak, read and write in Spanish highly preferred Revised Dec 2021 4

As CEO, this individual demonstrates critical competencies in four broad categories:
1. Commitment to results: The CEO is a systems thinker who is focused and goal driven. This individual identifies relevant information and helps transform this information into individual and organizational knowledge and learning. The chief executive is action oriented and innovative. S/he translates broad goals into achievable steps. S/he anticipates and solves problems and takes advantage of opportunities, is a self-starter and team player.
2. Management and Administration: As MHP Salud’s leader, this position requires an individual with knowledge of and experience in management and administration. The position requires demonstrated experience in integrating and coordinating diverse areas of management. Knowledge in the areas of human services, finance, and personnel; oral and written communications; planning and evaluation; and governance are required. Some experience in grants, non-profit management and governance, and community relations is required. A high level of personal skills is required to make formal, persuasive presentations to groups and to deal effectively with people from all segments of the community. The individual must be comfortable with diversity and respectful of a wide range of faiths, beliefs and experiences.
3. Ability to Lead change: The chief executive possesses the skills and implements the functions of a leader. S/he shares MHP Salud’s values, mission and vision. S/he consistently displays integrity, models behavior, develops people, and builds teams. This individual deals effectively with demanding situations and designs and implements interventions.
4. Ability to Motivate: The chief executive manages continuity, change and transition. This individual knows how to influence and enable others. S/he addresses the impact of attitude and action on the MHP Salud and its participants.
Status: This listing expires on: 2/2/2022
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Organization Information
MHP Salud

Ypsilanti,  MI 48197
United States
Shannon Patrick
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