2018 Home for the Holidays Campaign

Caring Across the Miles: Resources for Long-Distance Caregivers
Each year, USAging and the Eldercare Locator launch a public education and engagement campaign to elevate important aging issues and provide consumer-friendly materials for older adults and their families. For many, holiday gatherings can raise concerns about the well-being of older loved ones, while also providing an opportunity to discuss sensitive issues face to face. The Home for the Holidays campaign aims to help with that process by providing families with tips, tools and resources to help.
As the population of older adults continues to grow, more and more people find themselves providing some form of care to family and friends. Those who are providing this care from afar face additional challenges, including how to find local resources and assistance when they are not there physically. More than 500 long-distance caregivers contact the Eldercare Locator each month with questions about programs that are not local to them but are local to their loved ones. To address these growing needs, the Eldercare Locator has selected long-distance caregiving as the topic of its 2018 Home for the Holidays campaign.

The Home for the Holidays brochure is available to order. We heard from many in the Aging Network that they would like to be able to customize Eldercare Locator brochures by adding contact information for their agencies. And this year, the Eldercare Locator produced two versions of the campaign brochure—the regular version and another version that allows Area Agencies on Aging and other community-based organizations to do just that!
Toolkit for the Aging Network: