Sample Pricing






No Cost to USAging Member Agencies

$1,000 - 10,000

$10,000 - 25,000

or a Monthly Retainer

One hour conference call (or in-person meeting in D.C.)

Includes overview of services and consultant options

Consulting proposal and pricing

Self-assessment overview and toolkit

Needs assessment

Telephonic consultation(s)

One day, on-site visit

Presentation of off-the-shelf materials

Webinar (AAAs and providers)

Short surveys and analysis

Topical discussions and coaching

Strategies on working with legislative committees and state agencies

Basic problem solving

In-person consultation and coaching

Facilitating in-person meetings

Training on specific topics

Development of short decision-making tools that will walk AAAs through options and key decision points

Development of state-specific metrics and tools

Strategic problem solving and coaching

Strategic planning with AAAs and/or state associations

Assistance with governance structures and strategies for organizational change

Ongoing, active consultations

Participation in RFP responses and active support during negotiations