Member Marketplace FAQ

Driven by member demand, USAging's Member Marketplace creates a new space that allows USAging AAA and Title VI members to promote their products and services to one another.

Note: Though the marketplace is housed on USAging's website, USAging does not endorse any of the products or services featured in the marketplace.
Frequently Asked Questions

How does the USAging Member Marketplace program work?

  • For USAging AAA and Title VI members who would like to sell a product or service
    • Make sure your agency is an USAging AAA or Title VI member in good standing.
    • Complete this form to provide information about the product or service your agency would like to sell via the USAging Member Marketplace. All submissions subject to internal USAging review.  
  • For agencies interested in purchasing a product or service
    • Take a look at the products and services available on the USAging Member Marketplace page.
    • See a product or service you like? Contact the individual listed in the “Contact” section to learn more. 
Who is Eligible to Advertise in the USAging Member Marketplace?
  • USAging AAA and Title VI members in good standing 
Who May Access Products and Services Featured in the USAging Member Marketplace?
  • Anyone. Only USAging AAA and Title VI members may advertise, but any individual or entity may access the page and contact the advertiser for more information.
  • We do, however, encourage advertisers to build in a special discount for USAging members. 
What May Be Advertised in the USAging Member Marketplace?
  • Products or services that relate to the business or provision of aging and disability services, the administration of agencies or similarly aligned products and services supportive of the work of USAging member agencies.
  • Product or service must be owned and operated by the AAA or Title VI or the AAA/Title VI’s governing authority (e.g., Council of Governments, Tribal Authority).
  • Product or service must not create a conflict with USAging's Preferred Provider contracts, and is subject to USAging internal review for suitability.
What Is the Cost and Benefits of Participating in the USAging Member Marketplace?
$500 a year per first product (volume discount for additional products is $250)

  • Listing of product/service in the USAging Member Marketplace with logo and contact information
  • Ten percent off the regular price of other USAging marketing opportunities including Annual Conference advertising (totebag inserts, program ads) and exhibit booths, as well as research/focus groups
  • USAging's promotion of the Member Marketplace to its members and others (general promotion of the marketplace page, not individual products or advertisers)
    • Two e-blasts each year to all USAging lists
    • Two newsletter articles reaching all USAging members
    • Quarterly social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) 

Note: Access to USAging's list of AAAs, Title VIs and others will not be available to USAging Member Marketplace advertisers.

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