HomeMeds is an evidence-based medication safety program that includes a computerized risk assessment and alert process. After identifying a client with potential problems, a pharmacist reviews the data for the appropriateness of the client’s current medications. Next, the pharmacist determines which problems warrant re-evaluation by prescribers, and follows through with the client/family and prescribers to resolve identified problems. This intervention is especially adaptable for community-based health care and aging services agencies.

HomeMeds is tested and proven to be cost-efficient, effective, and easy to administer. Most importantly, it can have an immediate positive impact on the health and quality of life of the older adults you serve. HomeMeds can be a great addition to your care transitions program.

HomeMeds Information Sheet

Benefit to USAging members

  • 10% discount for 1-20 new licenses
  • 15% discount for 21-20 new licenses
  • 20% discount for 21+ new licenses
Learn more and get started with HomeMeds by contacting homemeds@picf.org.