June 16, 2020 Advocacy Alert

REMINDER: Call Senators This Week to Urge Support for Older Americans

June 16, 2020

Join n4a and dozens of national organizations in a week-long national call-in event to urge the Senate to continue prioritizing and providing relief for older Americans affected by the coronavirus pandemic. See last week’s Advocacy Alert for details and advocacy messages that Aging Network advocates and stakeholders can use to urge the Senate to act on the next round of critical funding.  
Senators must hear from local advocates about critical priorities—specifically the need to alleviate widespread social isolation and loneliness among older adults during and beyond the current crisis.
This week’s national call-in event, which ends on June 19, is hosted by the Leadership Council of Aging Organizations (LCAO), and the goal is to raise the level of noise from the field on the older adults who are most affected by COVID-19. Please join us in calling the Senate THIS week—and more importantly, urge your grassroots networks to also take action!
Check out n4a’s June 11 Advocacy Alert for the details, including:

→The toll-free call-in number and n4a’s simple script for calls to Senators.

→n4a’s social media toolkit to engage your Senators. 

Templates and other advocacy tools to urge your agency’s stakeholders to also reach out. We are hearing that the Senate majority doesn’t understand why there is an urgent need to act—and we need your help during this call-in event to convince them of the need.

It is very important that advocates get loud to urge Senators to act to continue to support older Americans in the wake of the unprecedented coronavirus crisis! Without a sense of urgency, the Senate may not take any action.

If you have questions or concerns about this Advocacy Alert or n4a’s policy positions, please contact Autumn Campbell at acampbell@n4a.org and Amy Gotwals at agotwals@n4a.org.

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