Toolkit: Sample Newsletter Article

[Agency Name] Joins National Campaign to Raise Awareness of Local Home Modifications Programs to Support the Changing Mobility Needs of Older Adults
Many older adults living in [ABC area or our community] will likely experience changes to their mobility as they age. As a result of these changes, many older adults and their caregivers will turn to local organizations for support with updating their homes to meet their evolving mobility needs, which can be a daunting process. This is the reason [Agency Name] is participating in Home for the Holidays, an annual public education campaign led by the Eldercare Locator, the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging and the U.S. Administration for Community Living, this year in partnership with the University of Southern California Leonard Davis School of Gerontology.
Because older adults and their family caregivers may not know where to start on the home modification process, [Agency Name] is participating in the Home for the Holidays campaign to ensure older adults in our community have the tools and resources they need as they update their homes—and continue living in the community. [Agency Name] can connect older adults and their caregivers to services and programs that can support them as they modify their homes for successful aging.
For more information about the campaign and other local resources available for older adults and their caregivers, contact [Name of Contact] at [insert email address or phone number].

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