Get an Insider's View of Leadership Training

The n4a Leadership Institute provides n4a members with a one-of-a-kind learning experience to help seasoned aging professionals take their agencies to the next level. For many past attendees, the program has provided a transformative experience for developing new skills, collaborating with peers and opening new possibilities for improving services offered in their communities.

For Maxine Crowder, Program Analyst for the District of Columbia Office on Aging (DCOA), the Leadership Institute helped her redefine how she views leadership in the context how she collaborates with and manages her team members.

"As a result of the training, I gained a better understanding of my abilities, leadership style and a better appreciation of others' leadership styles. I am comfortable knowing that to lead I am not required to be "all knowing," therefore involving my team members not only through the delegation of tasks but also managing tasks, encouraging them and assuring the team that their ideas, suggestions and recommendation are essential to our team's success."

Nkwenti Patrick Sanga, Budget Analyst for DCOA, learned the importance of creating a positive work environment that not only values the specific tasks on hand, but the well-being of team members, the organization and community at-large to encourage creative problem-solving strategies and outlooks.
"The training helps to reinforce the principle of 'humanity' and the wellbeing of individuals, the positive growth of society being the main emphasis of leadership. The training, for me, created an attitude of positive thought that generates solutions and possibilities and improves attitudes, approaches and interactions with others; creating a better person, better environment and a better life all around. Where people see darkness, I see light; where they see impossibilities, I see the possibilities; where they see no solutions, I see endless solutions. Where this will take me, I do not know, but n4a provided the foundation and how high I build on it is up to me."

Learn more and apply today to join AAA and Title VI aging program colleagues on the beautiful campus of Georgetown University in Washington, DC, from February 21-23, 2018.



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