Preferred Provider Spotlight: TCARE

n4a members can rely on our Preferred Providers Program for discounts and special access to a range of the services and products that can help AAAs and Title VI programs achieve their missions. TCARE, a valued Preferred Provider, offers n4a members a trusted solution that not only supports caregivers but prevents caregiver burnout. Read on to learn how TCARE can help your agency better support older adults in your community.

The newest version of the TCARE platform helps AAAs address the needs of caregivers with a variety of care planning tools, including a community resource database, an automated family caregiver engagement system, clinically based outcomes reporting and more. Through its use of clinically validated assessments, decision algorithms, care planning tools and community resource database, TCARE can help your AAA support caregivers by using an evidence-based approach that is proven to reduce family caregiver burnout and depression through the identification of the root causes. TCARE provides precision-targeting and mapping of interventions which provides a person-centered self-care plan in a proven technology platform. The platform, which is ACL approved, is currently implemented in more than 250+ organizations in 22 states and is impacting the lives of more than 200,000 family caregivers.
Want to learn more? Watch a recording of a webinar we held earlier this year in which the Northeast Illinois AAA describes the impact the system has on families in its community and how the tools have improved and impacted the agency's work. Visit to learn more about this n4a Preferred Provider.



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