New Blog Post Templates to engAGE Older Adults and Caregivers During COVID-19

As the national dialogue on the impact of social isolation grows, many organizations working with older adults are developing new and innovative ways to address social isolation among older adults. engAGED: The National Resource Center for Engaging Older Adults (administered by n4a) has produced a six-part series of sample blog posts intended to help you encourage the older adults you work with to stay active, engaged and connected to their communities during the pandemic.

The blog posts highlight actions older adults and their caregivers can take to stay engaged—and connected—to the wider world in mind, body and spirit, whether it is making a phone call to a family member or friend, participating in an online fitness class or taking a virtual tour to explore a museum without leaving their home.
We encourage n4a members to use these customizable blog posts in their own messaging, newsletters, social media and resource and outreach tools to help them better meet the needs of older adults in their communities during these changing times—and reduce the likelihood of social isolation.

For more resources on combatting social isolation, please visit And, if you have examples of what's working in your community, please share!



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