Unique Volunteer Training Adaptable by States

n4a and the Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources, Inc.'s (GWAR, Inc.) latest collaboration embarks on its second phase of training on the new PowerUP! volunteer engagement model.

The second training phase consists of two webinars about the PowerUP! model, leading up to an in-person training for participating agency staff and volunteers. The in-person training will provide the opportunity to practice using the core components and tools of the model. This three-part training involves homework that prepares participants to gain needed skills required to implement the new PowerUP! self-directed team model. 

The first highly interactive webinar session was conducted on January 27; follow-up surveys of the attendees indicated that the webinar effectively achieved its purpose and was well received. The second webinar in the training is scheduled for March 2, to be followed by the experiential in-person training on May 12. This unique training opportunity for WI aging agencies would not have been possible without the leadership and support of the Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources.

The  Aging Network Volunteer Resource Center looks forward to partnering with similar state- and local- level organizations to spread the work about the benefits of the PowerUP! model and provide information about what it takes to successfully adopt this powerful volunteer engagement model. More information can be accessed here or contact Tom Endres at to explore partnership in similar training opportunities. 



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