Boost the Visibility of OAA on Twitter

The Eldercare Workforce, of which n4a is a member, encourages n4a members to participate in a Twitter chat on the importance of the Older Americans Act on May 21 at 2:00 PM ET. The chat will cover a range of topics, including little-known OAA services, how OAA allows AAAs and providers to address the social determinants of health and much more! And this is yet another way your agency can can strut your stuff (#n4astrut) while educating the public and decisionmakers.

Want to participate? See the planned questions below, have your answers ready, and join us next Tuesday at 2:00 PM ET. Just follow @n4aACTION and @ElderCareTeam and be a part of the conversation.
From the Eldercare Workforce Alliance:

Older Americans Month Twitter Chat
“The Importance of the Older Americans Act in the Care of Older Adults” May 21, 2:00 PM ET

Purpose: To raise awareness about the importance of the Older Americans Act to the care of older adults and to promote specific research, programs, and policies from member groups and the general public related to Older Americans Act and caring for older adults.
What: A one-hour Twitter chat using #TogetherWeCare and #OAM19
Who: Individuals interested in the field older adult care. Leaders in the field of aging who can share their expertise and offer insight into the profession.

How To Participate in Twitter Chat

A Twitter chat is simply a conversation on Twitter lead by a user (@EldercareTeam in this case) and anchored by a hashtag.  The hashtag is important in this case, as this is how you and others can track the conversation.  We will be using #TogetherWeCare and #OAA19 as the two hashtags you must use in answering the questions, so the leader of the chat and all other users participating can see your response and possibly share it with their followers during the chat.

Twitter Chat Etiquette
  • Tweet that you'll be joining a Twitter chat before you start so followers will understand that you'll be about to tweet more frequently. Include info about the chat so others can join in!
  • If you use a “@” to lead your tweet, it will go only to the user you “@”.  If you wish to share with your followers, please use a “.” before tagging people with “@”
  • It's easier to track if you answer to Q1 by replying “A1: …”
Questions for the chat that @EldercareTeam will be asking:

1.To start things off, please introduce yourself and your community. Please include location and size of your community to show the diversity of the aging network. #TogetherWeCare and #OAM19

2. What services are provided through the Older Americans Act? #TogetherWeCare #OAM19

3. What other services are provided through the aging network? #TogetherWeCare #OAM19

4. How is the health workforce that cares for older adults connected to the aging network and programs like Older Americans Act? #TogetherWeCare #OAM19

5. Share examples of aging programs that coordinate with health care systems\hospitals etc. to provide integrated care. #TogetherWeCare #OAM19

6. How can we help make sure OAA services are available to the growing number of older adults in the US? #TogetherWeCare #OAM19

7. Please share reports, programs, data, etc that show us the importance of OAA and other aging programs.  #TogetherWeCare #



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