n4a Makes It Easy to Engage the 116th Congress!

Now that the new Congress is firmly in place and the federal government is once again open for business, n4a sent an Advocacy Alert to AAAs and Title VI aging programs with resources for engaging your Representatives and Senators early—and often. Check out n4a's newest Policy Brief, What the 116th Congress Needs to Know About an Aging Nation, and our template letter to use to contact your federal elected officials—both new and returning—to establish important relationships early in the legislative season.

February 21 Advocacy Alert and link to template letter.
To look up and find contact information for your new and returning Senators and Representatives, go to and
This is the first of three upcoming policy releases from n4a. Stay tuned for the upcoming n4a's Recommendations for the Reauthorization of the OAA and our 2019 Policy Priorities, which will both be available in the coming weeks!



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