Short-Term MFP Reauthorization Attached to Funding Bill; Path Unclear

A three-month extension of the Money Follows the Person (MFP) program passed the Senate earlier this week as part of a short-term funding package aimed at averting a partial government shutdown. However, political posturing over funding for a border wall will likely block final passage as Congress and the Administration appear to be careening toward a partial government shutdown. 

Because a shutdown would involve only a handful of federal agencies, which does not include the Administration on Aging, which is housed under the Department of Health and Human Services, most OAA and other aging programs will not be directly affected. Unfortunately, if lawmakers and  the White House do not reach a funding agreement, MFP will be allowed to expire as of December 31. n4a will have more as the situation develops.

n4a sent details earlier this week about the strategy to temporarily extend MFP funding and to work through legislative challenges toward a long-term reauthorization once the new Congress convenes in January.



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