Top Issues Facing Aging Network Focus of n4a Board Meeting

This week, n4a Board members are gathered in Alexandria, Virginia for a three-day meeting to tackle some of the top issues confronting the Aging Network.

A panel discussion on MLTSS and conflict-free case management featuring Rhonda Richards, Senior Legislative Representative, AARP, Jennifer Goldberg, Directing Attorney, Health Team, Justice in Aging and Camille Dobson, Deputy Executive Director, NASUAD prompted many questions from Board members who are grappling with these issues at their agencies.

Another speaker, Enid Borden, Founder, President and CEO of the National Foundation to End Senior Hunger discussed the importance of addressing senior hunger. NFESH is eager to work with AAAs to support efforts to limit food waste, maximize nutritional content and value, and encourage sustainable practices.

The meeting, which concludes today, also included an intensive strategic planning session that will help n4a set its priorities for the next three years, and a discussion of emerging trends in the field, by region.



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