Helping Aging Network Address Behavioral Health Challenges of Clients Focus of Training

The number of older adults struggling with behavioral health issues is on the rise in the U.S. and the Aging Network is often on the frontlines of this issue. 

For this reason, we hosted a training webinar today—one of the most well attended this year—to provide participants with information and tools to help them strengthen support for their clients grappling with this serious problem.

The presentation was made by Kathy Kuhn, Director of Workforce Development at the Center for Aging and Disability Education and Research (CADER) at Boston University. In partnership with CADER, we developed n4a University, an online training program that enables our members to access the latest scholarship and field-tested practices on many of the issues the Aging Network cares about most.

Today's training was highly interactive and attendees responded to a number of poll questions pertaining to their experience meeting the needs of clients with mental health problems. Sixty percent of attendees said they struggled to meet the needs of this population. After reviewing a “competency checklist” of things to know and do to provide support for clients with mental health challenges, only 18 percent said they were very confident that their staff was sufficiently knowledgeable. Only 21 percent said they have enough access to training to help them strengthen their expertise in this regard.

Given the high interest in this topic, we are evaluating future opportunities to share information and best practices.  



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