AAA Expands Client Reach Using Innovative Private-Pay Program

Like many AAAs, Senior Resources of West Michigan sometimes struggles with the reality that some older adults don't qualify for their programs because of financial, physical and/or geographic constraints. 

But about a year ago, they heard about a ground-breaking personal response system that has enabled them to expand their client reach, with the touch of a button.

“Our first reaction to carenect was that it is a personal response system on steroids,” said Senior Resources of West Michigan Executive Director Pam Curtis, whose agency has set up the system for over 75 people in their community and expect to double that number within a year.

Curtis noted that traditional systems connect clients with EMS staff whether their need is medical or not. But the carenect system enables users to speak with a Care Center Representative who provides support based on specific need. For example, a client didn't receive her home-delivered meals, so the vendor was notified and the meals were delivered. Curtis says it's like having your own personal assistant and because the system is available with GPS, caregivers have the added assurance that their loved ones can get help no matter where they are.

The AAA sets the monthly rate for clients based on their assessment of what's affordable in their community and agency staff report that set-up in their clients' homes is quick and easy.  

The added benefit for AAAs is that carenect offers the opportunity for them to create a revenue stream earning valuable dollars for their agencies. To learn more please contact n4a's Sarah Casiano



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