Aging and Disability Business Institute Seeks AAA Input on CBO-Health Care Partnerships

n4a's Aging and Disability Business Institute has launched its second request for information to better understand contracting relationships between community-based organizations (CBOs) and health care entities and how the landscape has changed over the past year.

Your answers to our 2017 request for information survey, told us that aging and disability CBOs across the country are partnering with health care payers and providers to address social and behavioral determinants of health. We need your help to continue to build knowledge about, and capacity for, these important collaborations.

Even if your AAA does not currently have a contract with a health care entity, we want to hear from you! Your responses will provide vital insights into training and technical assistance needs.

Please respond by Monday, July 2 to enter a drawing for a registration (up to $700) to attend a conference of your choice. If you have technical issues accessing the survey or answering the questions, please contact Scripps Gerontology Center at or 855.359.3033.



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