ACL Releases FAQs to Inform State Implementation of Federal Ombudsman Rule

In an effort to clarify the February 2015 final rule to provide regulations for states in implementing and managing State Long-Term Care Ombudsman Programs, ACL published a set of FAQs about the final rule last week.

States have until July 1, 2016 to ensure compliance with the final rule, and according to the rule, AAAs must be a part of the conversation regarding any changes necessary for full compliance. In collaboration with ACL, in September n4a hosted a webinar to further inform AAA efforts to work with state agencies and state ombudsman programs in implementing the rule. However, because of the wide diversity in the structure of state ombudsman programs, AAAs and other stakeholders may continue to have questions about appropriate roles and divisions of responsibilities within state programs. n4a requests member input about how compliance efforts are rolling out in your state and the effect that these efforts may have on local AAAs and ombudsman programs. Please reach out to us to provide input, and we will continue to work with ACL and others to ensure that resources are available to you and your states as you work toward the compliance deadline.



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