The Never-Ending Need for Advocacy

If it seems like n4a never stops talking about pushing your Members of Congress to support OAA, SHIP and other critical aging programs, you're right! Appropriations season has turned into a year-round phenomenon. But that just makes your advocacy all the more important.

Take FY 2018 for instance. Despite the fiscal year's start on October 1, 2017, Congress still hasn't finalized spending for the remaining six months, instead relying upon short-term funding measures called continuing resolutions (CRs). While better than a government shutdown, CRs can cause heartburn in the field, as uncertainty around the final funding picture makes it hard for state and local agencies to plan.
To recap, Congress bought itself more time last month, but the current CR expires on March 23. While n4a hopes for a final spending bill by then, rumors have begun to buzz about the possible need of another CR.
So even as we react to the President's FY 2019 budget and develop our funding asks for Congress for the coming fiscal year, we still don't know the final FY 2018 numbers!

If you have not yet contacted your members of Congress about those urgent FY 2018 requests, do so today.
If you haven't touched base with your PSA's delegation in Congress for a few months, it's time to circle back.
If you haven't yet reached out to other stakeholders in your community to drive them to make calls and send emails, now is the time.

Our latest Advocacy Alert will give you all the talking points and tips you need to speak out on behalf of locally delivered aging programs that rely upon federal funding, but if you still have questions, let your n4a policy team provide the answers. Contact Autumn Campbell or Amy Gotwals for answers to your questions.



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