Training Program Transformational for Iowa AAA

About seven years ago, Aging Resources of Central Iowa Executive Director Joel Olah decided to strengthen their staff training efforts, but had a hard time finding a program that could be customized to fit the needs of his staff and wouldn't break his limited budget.

He discovered a unique core competency curriculum program run by Boston University's renowned Center for Aging and Disability Education and Research (CADER).

“In today's environment, it's never been more important that our staff meet or exceed competency standards across the spectrum of job categories in the aging field and this program gives them the tools to do just that,” said Olah, who has taken over 30 courses himself. “As someone who teaches HCBS courses at the university level, I recognize a superior training program when I see it, which is why all of our employees have enrolled,” Olah noted.

Kate Rittman joined the agency as an intern and in just three years was named its nutrition services director. “I arrived with limited skills, but thanks to these courses, I was able to expand my knowledge base and become a vastly more accomplished and confident person,” said Kelderman.

Success stories like this one prompted n4a to partner with CADER to form n4a University, which offers an array of courses and certificate programs at a discount only available to n4a members so sign up now!



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