How to Start a Local Conversation on Living with Dementia

Have you tapped into this year's this year's Home for the Holidays campaign resource? The consumer brochure, sample press releases and more will help you showcase your agency's existing work!

Living Well with Dementia in the Community: Resources and Support provides consumers with information on steps individuals can take if they suspect that a loved one may have dementia, and highlights the many community services and supports available for both older adults with dementia and their caregivers. Your agency can use the brochure by distributing it at workshops, classes and community events, or incorporated into your agency's bank of recommended materials during case management and other activities.

n4a's promotional toolkit also provides press release and article templates, as well as sample social media posts, to help pitch your services to media outlets and community partners and connect your local work to a broader national movement.

Order copies of Living Well With Dementia in the Community and visit our Home for the Holidays campaign page to learn more about the brochure and the toolkit.

Want to share how your agency is using our brochure and promotional resources? Let us know. We'd be happy to help your agency spread the word about its important work to improve the quality of life for people living dementia and their caregivers.



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