Limited Time Savings on n4a University Courses: Enroll by January 15 and Save 25 percent!

n4a University, a partnership between n4a and CADER, the Center for Aging & Disability Education & Research at Boston University, allows n4a members to receive discounted rates on trainings designed to meet the needs of AAAs, Title VI programs and their provider networks. And just in time for the holiday season, n4a members can save 25 percent off a CADER training for a limited time.

Simply enroll in a class by January 15, 2018 to save 25 percent on a training program. Coursework can start at any time and all new enrollees will have up to one year to complete the training. In addition to the 25 percent savings, certificate programs for groups of 25 or more are discounted to $150 per person per certificate program and prices for individual courses start at $45 per person. Have questions? Learn about CADER's online courses, certificates, program benefits, CEs and pricing on the CADER website, or by contacting them directly at (617) 358-2626 or
BU CADER has been a leader in online training since 2002 by leveraging the resources of one of the nation's leading research universities with the latest in online learning technology. More than 20,000 workers and 450 agencies and organizations around the country have participated in CADER online training programs in the area of aging and disability.



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