Planning For a Drive-Free Future Focus of Upcoming Campaign

Older adults are often urged to have a solid financial plan as they age, but they're rarely asked to plan for the day they must give up the car keys. 

This lack of planning is one of the main reasons why challenges accessing transportation is consistently among the top reasons why people call the Eldercare Locator. According to n4a transportation expert Virginia Dize, “Giving up the keys means 15 percent fewer doctor visits, almost 60 percent fewer outings to shop and 65 percent fewer trips for social, family, religious or other reasons,” as reported in this week's Washington Post.

To raise public awareness and to encourage older adults to investigate their mobility options before they stop driving, this topic will be the focus of the upcoming Home for the Holidays campaign. A consumer brochure is the centerpiece of the campaign every year and we've already begun work on the new publication—in collaboration with ACL, the Federal Transportation Administration and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration—this year's campaign partners. Realizing that helping your clients maintain their mobility is central to your work, we would appreciate any input or resources you would care to share. We expect the campaign to kick off in early December, so stay tuned for more information!



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