We Know You're Great - How Do You Prove it to Others?

Building upon our capacity-building efforts which include the biennial AAA survey funded by ACL, n4a would like to know how and whether AAAs estimate the value of services that their agencies provide in their communities.

These measurements can consist of directly measuring a program's savings to a health care partner (such as return-on-investment (ROI) calculations), or in “softer” measurements, such as health plan member retention, that may have a financial impact but are more difficult to quantify.
Before contracting with AAAs, health care entities typically need to know how much profit or cost savings will be realized as a result of a partnership. As more AAAs develop—or seek to develop—partnerships with health care entities that pay them for the services they provide, being able to demonstrate the value of AAA services has become increasingly important.
The results of this topical poll will help us better understand the role that value measurement plays in health care partnerships, and the challenges that AAAs may face in measuring the value of their programs and services.
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