Making the Case for AAAs on Capitol Hill

At a n4a briefing on Capitol Hill earlier this week, CEO Sandy Markwood spoke to dozens of Hill staff in attendance about how social factors affect one's health and used findings from the recent AAA survey to make the case for why health care entities should contract with the Aging Network to address those factors.

The work of n4a member Bay Aging (Urbanna, VA)—as well as other the AAAs in Virginia that formed a statewide network—was offered as an innovative example of AAAs' contributions to integrated care. Kathy Vesley-Massey, President and CEO of Bay Aging, shared persuasive data on care transitions and other successes.
Janet Grant, head of the Great Plains division of Aetna Medicaid, reinforced the message, speaking to Aetna's commitment to meeting their customers' social needs and detailing her company's contract with the AAAs in Ohio to provide care management. Said Grant, “we can't begin to manage a patient's diabetes if he doesn't have proper refrigeration.”




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