New Readiness Assessment Tool Helps Strengthen Health Care Partnerships

On its blog, n4a's Aging and Disability Business Institute highlights its recently launched online Readiness Assessment tool, a powerful interactive guide that can help your CBO pinpoint strengths and weaknesses across seven domains to work collaboratively with the health care sector.

The post shares insights into the tool's development and implementation, and features real-world examples of CBOs that have used the tool to plan for new health care collaborations.

As demand for value-based health care payment and delivery systems increases, so is the demand for CBO–health sector collaboration, but there can be quite the learning curve for making these partnerships truly impactful. In order to ensure success, CBOs need to understand their capacity for delivering under these new arrangements. As explained in the blog, the readiness assessment tool is an especially useful resource that can help organizations map out their strategic goals and plans for health care integration.

Read the full blog post to learn more about the Readiness Assessment tool and how your colleagues who are using it to move their organizations into the future of integrated care!