Spotlight on Innovation: Kiosks for Living Well - Health Centers Without Walls

In a new weekly feature, n4a will highlight the cutting-edge programs and successful strategies of our 2017 Aging Innovation Award Winners. This week we shine a spotlight on Greater Lynn Senior Services, Inc. (GLSS), winner in the Healthy Aging category, for its initiative to place accessible wellness kiosks throughout the community.

During n4a's 2017 Annual Conference and Tradeshow, the top four highest-scoring Innovations winners won cash awards thanks to the generous support of AIA sponsor WellCare Health Plans. As one of three agencies tied for second place, GLSS received a check for $1,000.

GLSS launched the Kiosk for Living Well initiative in 2012 after implementing a comprehensive root cause analysis to assess the causes of preventable health care crises among older adults in the North Shore region of Massachusetts. GLSS identified several factors as critical local priorities, which informed their decision to strategically place health-monitoring kiosks in locations where people naturally congregate (such as senior centers and housing complexes) to act as "social magnets" and engage community members in a fun and informative way on important issues related to their health.

The large, touch-screen kiosks include tools for assessing health, as well as games, art and music therapy programs, karaoke, Skype and more. Each kiosk is staffed by volunteers, nurses, community health workers or mental health counselors. Kiosk visitors learn how to effectively monitor and manage various physical and emotional health issues. There are currently seven permanently-sited kiosks throughout the community, as well as a mobile Roving Kiosk that is set up at times and places where the most vulnerable consumers gather. The kiosks have helped identify consumers with emergent situations and connected them to appropriate care; promoted successful evidence-based interventions; and assisted consumers with mobility, strength and balance.

To date, GLSS has tracked approximately 23,000 kiosk visits. The program's success is helping GLSS to find new ways to innovate and expand the initiative. Recognition from receiving the Aging Innovations Award has led to inquiries about how the model can be applied to different cities, states and consumer interests. GLSS also plans to open at least one permanent kiosk at a local health center and to expand the Roving Kiosk program to include additional housing sites, as well as a homeless shelter.

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