Lost in the Legislative Swirl of this Week?

It was another busy week for Congress, with the House moving annual appropriations bills and the Senate trying to, but so far failing to, move a health care reform package. Now that the dust has settled temporarily, get caught up on what you may have missed!

Health Care: As of now, it appears as if Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell does not have enough Republican votes to move the Better Care Reconciliation Act (which n4a opposes) or a straight Affordable Care Act repeal-without-replace bill (which we don't support either). However, nothing is certain until it is tested, so advocates should continue to speak out against the Medicaid caps in the BCRA and stay tuned for any adjusted advocacy messages from n4a. There may be votes in the Senate next week on these (or another?)  measure, so stay vigilant!
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Appropriations: The House Appropriations Committee finalized its bill on Wednesday evening. The great news is that all AoA/ACL-based Older Americans Act titles were preserved as is (aka level funding). The bad news includes an elimination of funding for State Health Insurance Assistance Programs (SHIPs). We will need your advocacy this summer and into the fall!
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