New Tools for LGBT Inclusion in Your Area Plan

Frequent n4a partner SAGE has released a new best practice resource guide to help the Aging Network strengthen inclusion of LBGT older adults. The guide includes examples from AAAs that engage and include the LGBT community in their planning and services, along with an accompanying toolkit.

SAGE's National Resource Center on LGBT Aging has released “Strengthen Your State and Local Aging Plan: A Practical Guide for Expanding LGBT Older Adult Inclusion,” which is available to download or order from their website.
Highlighted throughout this guide is the work of State Units on Aging and Area Agencies on Aging who engage and include the LGBT community in their planning and services. The guide includes an extensive list of tools and resources to assist with outreach to LGBT communities, data collection, needs assessments, writing LGBT-inclusive planning goals and objectives, and suggested organizational best practices for LGBT-inclusive planning.
Along with the guide is a supplemental webpage of Aging Network Planning Tools, which includes a number of resource documents including Community Needs Assessments, Program Applications and Registration Forms, Outreach Materials, etc. which are all LGBT-inclusive and have been developed and used by our Network!
Check out these helpful new resources at:
If you're joining us in Savannah, look for several workshops on this topic from AAA leaders, SAGE and other experts in serving LGBT older adults!



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