Blog Helps CBOs Define Value of Evidence-Based Programs

A new blog from the Aging and Disability Business Institute sheds light on best practices in developing value propositions and defining organizational value for CBOs looking to provide evidence-based programs (EBPs) within health care partnerships.

Written by Serena Weisner and Jennifer Raymond, experts in EBP program delivery and CBO business capacity, “Constructing a Value Proposition for Your Evidence-Based Programs” illustrates the importance of marketing EBPs to potential health plan partners, and breaks down several key factors for successful value proposition development that will enable your programs to distinguish themselves as critical and impactful partners. The post walks through six targeted tips that will bolster any EBP pitch, including defining your services as products, tailoring messaging to particular audiences, articulating a clear mission and more.

Read the full blog post to learn how you can begin to craft a more powerful and persuasive value statement for your organization's EBPs today!



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