Helping You with Price and Cost Strategies for Health Partnership Success

An upcoming webinar from n4a's Aging and Disability Business Institute will provide targeted and practical tips for AAAs and other CBOs looking to price and cost model their services for success within the health care marketplace. AAAs have the experience, community knowledge and service-delivery expertise to be valuable partners to health care entities in this new value-based and accountable care environment, but to be competitive, you need to know how to cost and price model services accurately!

Accurate cost and price modeling ensures marketability to potential payers, as well as financial sustainability once a contract is in place.

Tune in to Cost-Modeling CBO Services for Health Care Partnership Success to hear an Aging Network business development expert walk through the importance of modeling, detail key steps and definitions, and explain how correct pricing strategies can help your agency achieve and advance its core mission, while maintaining viability and even growth.



USAging Fact: Learn about your peers’ work—and how it can fit into your agency’s goals! The AIA Awards recognizes successful and innovative programs that USAging members have developed to serve older adults. Get inspiration from our 2023 winners!