Finding Champions Key to Building Health Care Business

You're a CBO leader that knows your organization is fulfilling its mission—keeping people out of costly medical institutions and saving the system money. And yet, it can still be difficult to secure contracts with health care providers, despite the fact that the social services you provide fill a gap that can't be easily closed by traditional health care entities.

A new blog from the Aging and Disability Business Institute recognizes the challenges CBOs can face when trying to build sustainable health care partnerships and highlights how important it is to find champions for CBO services within the health care environment itself. 
Written by June Simmons, CEO of Partners in Care Foundation (PICF), a CBO with a long track record of successful health care collaboration, the blog walks through five key steps CBOs can take to cultivate and nurture health care champions, from developing a targeted value proposition to getting out of your comfort zone and networking with new people and organizations.
Having a strong voice from within the health care world evangelizing for the work a CBO does can make or break a contract's prospects. Check out the new blog to find out how you can identify and build relationships with health care insiders, positioning your organization for integrated care success in the process!



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