Tracking NADTC's Innovations in Accessible Mobility Grant Projects

It has been nearly three months since the NADTC “Innovations in Accessible Mobility” grants launched and NADTC is working closely with each of the six awarded grantees, including two AAAs, to track their achievements.

Together, the grantees are implementing a variety of innovative approaches including the use of technology, one-call centers, mobility navigators, volunteer Transportation Aides, travel training programs and more. There's a lot of work that happens in between identifying a community problem and implementing a new innovative solution, especially for NADTC grantees who want to engage older adults and people with disabilities in the process, work collaboratively to incorporate partnerships among aging, disability, transportation organizations and develop sustainable practices along the way. Over the next nine months, NADTC will continue to support that process and fund the work that it takes to create a solution to a longstanding transportation problem or challenge in the grantee's region. To read more about the individual grant projects, visit the NADTC website.



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