Advocacy Win! No Vote on House Health Bill

The White House and House Republican leaders opted to allow the American Health Care Act to come to a vote on the House floor as planned this afternoon. Despite high-pressure negotiations to secure the votes, Speaker Ryan did not have sufficient Republican votes to ensure passage of the bill, so after hours of debate by the chamber, the bill will not advance.

This is a tremendous victory for advocates who raised numerous concerns in recent weeks about the bill, including the $880 billion in cuts to Medicaid and provisions that would increase premiums for those aged 50-64. It's unclear what comes next for the party's goal of repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act; they may go back to the drawing board, they may advance the Medicaid cuts in a separate measure…it's too soon to tell. What we do know is that whatever happens next, n4a will continue to provide our members with legislative analysis and calls to action.  
Just getting caught up on n4a's advocacy on American Health Care Act (AHCA)? Here are some key resources.
Details on how you can take action
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