Dementia Friends USA and PBS Documentary on Dementia Launching!

Dementia Friendly America (DFA), which n4a co-chairs, has two major initiatives launching: Dementia Friends USA and the PBS documentary, Alzheimer's: Every Minute Counts.

On January 17, DFA announced the U.S. launch of the Dementia Friends campaign, a global initiative that aims to empower and educate individuals about dementia. Dementia Friends is designed to raise awareness about dementia and help communities understand how they can best support and interact with people living with dementia. The program accomplishes this via an online training that involves watching a series of short videos and committing to take action. DFA will serve as the administrator for Dementia Friends USA, a program developed by the Alzheimer's Society in the UK. To become a "Dementia Friend", visit to take the training and help raise awareness of this important issue. 
Dementia Friendly America has also partnered with PBS on a new documentary, Alzheimer's: Every Minute Counts. The one-hour film will air Wednesday, January 25th 10 p.m. ET and has been described as "an urgent wake-up call about the national public health threat posed by Alzheimer's disease."




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