Help Isolated Seniors Get Connected For Holidays

With the holidays just around the corner, too many older adults are facing a season of isolation, which is why your support of this year's Eldercare Locator Home for the Holidays Campaign is urgently needed.

In a recent story by PBS-Next AvenueDawn Simonson, Executive Director of the Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging near St. Paul, Minnesota noted the crucial role AAAs play in connecting older adults with vital resources. “Those very basic home and community-based supports can be very beneficial,” Simonson said. “It's human contact, and there's a relationship that's established.”

We urge you to join the 160-plus Area Agencies on Aging and other aging organizations in 40 states that are participating in the campaign today. To facilitate your involvement in the campaign, we developed a campaign brochure and a toolkit that will provide you with the information and resources you will need to educate the public about this serious issue. We are already in our second printing of the brochure “Expand Your Circles: Prevent Isolation and Loneliness As You Age,” so order your copies while supplies last!

Please contact n4a Communications Director Dallas Jamison at and learn more. 



USAging Fact: Learn about your peers’ work—and how it can fit into your agency’s goals! The AIA Awards recognizes successful and innovative programs that USAging members have developed to serve older adults. Get inspiration from our 2023 winners!