Transition Activities Preview Possible Changes Under Trump Administration

This week, n4a sent our transition memo to the President-Elect's transition team, detailing the immediate and most pressing policy areas that we believe the new Administration must focus on in the early days of a Trump presidency. 

Additionally, announcements this week that Congressman Tom Price and Indiana-based health care consultant Seema Verma have been tapped to take the helm at HHS and CMS respectively portend major changes for ACA, Medicaid and Medicare.
Rep. Price (R-GA) has been a long-time proponent of eliminating President Obama's signature health care law. As current chairman of the House Budget Committee, he has been the a leader in previous Congressional efforts to repeal the ACA. Under a Trump Administration, Congress may also have the support they need to push through huge structural changes to Medicare and Medicaid as well—such as reforming Medicare into a voucher, or premium support system, and either block-granting or capping state Medicaid dollars.
More details on all of these changes and what they mean for Aging Network agencies and the older adults and the caregivers they serve will be a major focus at next year's n4a Aging Policy Briefing and Capitol Hill Day, April 3-4, in Washington, DC, so plan on joining us!




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