Need Help with the New Ombudsman Rules?

We know that the new LTC Ombudsman rules, which went into effect in this July, have driven change in many state ombudsman systems, which affects AAAs running the local program. While n4a supported the regulatory changes, we also urged ACL to provide as much technical assistance and clarity to states and AAAs as possible. 

Recently, ACL added a new resource for the field—an FAQ that covers ombudsman authority to resolve complaints about the guardian or other representative of a resident, conflicts of interest of supervisors, intake processes to handle inquiries, appropriateness of people conducting ombudsman program activities, ombudsman program staff with professional licensing requirements, and court orders to disclose ombudsman program information. 

For the detailed responses, see the updated FAQ for the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program and dive in!

If you have feedback for n4a on how this implementation is affecting your agency, contact Autumn Campbell, n4a's Director, Public Policy & Advocacy. 



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