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Less than two weeks after the national election brought sweeping changes to Washington, seismic political and policy shifts are underway that will have major implications for federal programs that support older adults and caregivers.
We don't know yet exactly what the health and aging policy landscape will be when a Trump Administration and new Congress take office in January. What we do know for sure is that aging advocates will be needed more than ever to ensure that lawmakers and government officials understand the impact of their decisions on the older adults and caregivers local agencies serve.
These decisions could include, but are not limited to:
  • Repealing the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion in the majority of states around the country;
  • Dramatic deepening of sequestration cuts to non-defense discretionary programs, such as the Older Americans Act;
  • Major structural changes to critical safety net and health programs Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security; and
  • Rolling back federal agency efforts and initiatives to integrate health care for millions of vulnerable older adults
We encourage you to join us April 3-4, 2017 to both get the latest on President-Elect Trump's “first 100 days” in office and to meet with your Senators and Representatives to ensure that your voices are heard on Capitol Hill. You can't afford to miss this year's n4a Aging Policy Briefing & Capitol Hill Day.

We hope you will also join us Monday morning, April 3, before the policy briefing for an intensive pre-conference session hosted by the Aging and Disability Business Institute, “CBO Opportunities in Health Care Payment and Delivery System Reform,” which will help CBOs understand and recognize business opportunities within an evolving health care landscape as CMS moves toward alternative payment methods tied to values and outcomes.

Are you an n4a member, a State Grassroots Coordinator or are more than two people from your agency attending? If so, you get a discount! More details about the Aging Policy Briefing and registration are available at

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