Eldercare Locator Visits I/R Partner SSA Headquarters

Last month, senior staff from the n4a-administered Eldercare Locator visited the Social Security Administration (SSA) headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland.

This collaborative learning opportunity brought the two groups together to share information about the role each plays in assisting older adults through their nationwide call centers. 

The SSA's Office of Customer Service provides direct oversight to approximately 4,000 national 800-number customer service representatives in 25 call centers nationwide. In Fiscal Year 2016, customer service representatives answered over 32 million calls to SSA's national 800-number and an additional 5 million calls were handled through the 800-number's self-service channel. 

“The Eldercare Locator provides critical information and referral services for many of our beneficiaries in communities across the country," said Ben Belton, Senior Advisor to the Acting Commissioner of the Social Security Administration. "As Baby Boomers age and an unprecedented number of Americans enter their most disability prone years, it is critical that SSA collaborate with aging network services.” 

“About half of all callers to the Eldercare Locator indicate that they were referred to us from a local, state or federal government program and the leading government referral source is the Social Security Administration,” said Patrice Earnest, Eldercare Locator Director. “These referrals help the Eldercare Locator provide guidance and information to callers about local resources and programs such as transportation, in-home community support, legal aid assistance programs and Ombudsman services.”
The Eldercare Locator looks forward to continuing this important partnership with the SSA.  




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