n4a Joins New Effort to Elevate Medicaid

Despite the enormous societal and economic benefits offered by the modern Medicaid program, a lack of dialogue about the true value of the program drives misperceptions relating to it and puts policymaker support for it increasingly at risk. 

Yesterday, an alliance of more than two dozen national advocacy organizations formally launched with the aim of creating a truthful conversation about the Medicaid program and its importance for the more than 70 million Americans covered by it. The new initiative will highlight benefits, personal stories and innovations of the program. 

n4a joined advocates for low-income Americans, children's health and well-being, people with mental illness, people with disabilities, health care providers and business organizations in announcing their participation in the Modern Medicaid Alliance (MMA). A list of the members of the Modern Medicaid Alliance can be found here

From lowering health care costs to delivering better health outcomes for beneficiaries, Medicaid keeps our nation healthier and enables more citizens to have access to affordable, quality healthcare so they can care for their families and be productive in the workplace. The largest health care program in the country has also become a proven laboratory for innovation as cash-strapped states have sought solutions for difficult population health issues. Despite its positive impact on tens of millions of people and America as a whole, the need for greater awareness among policymakers and the public about the value of our investment in it remains high.

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