AAA Leader Says Survey Helps Network Leverage Potential

As the Director of Aging & Independence Services for the County of San Diego Health & Human Services Agency, Ellen Schmeding oversees a staff of 428 and over 20 programs, but she didn't let these duties prevent her from completing this year's AAA Survey

“The Aging Network is made up of a very diverse cross-section of agencies, with no two of us looking exactly alike; for example, we're a AAA, but we also provide in-home care, adult protective services and support veterans and other unique populations,” said Schmeding. “By completing the survey, we are leveraging a unique opportunity to let key stakeholders know about the range of needs we are meeting today and those we could meet in the future.” 

Schmeding noted that she has used the data n4a gathers and distills into a comprehensive report to tell the story of her agency and the broader Aging Network to policymakers and potential partners, including hospitals and MCOs, who may not be fully aware of the Network's track record of achievement and impact.
Hundreds of you have also completed the survey and let us know that the end product—the final report—provides you with a valuable tool to make the case for new business opportunities. But the report is only as robust as the number of you who participate in its development, so please do your part and complete the survey by September 23. 

Please contact the AAA Survey helpline for assistance with technical issues at the Scripps Gerontology Center, 1.855.359.3033 or Surveys are sent directly to AAA Directors. Look for an email from Sandy Markwood in your inbox. Please contact Meredith Eisenhart at with any other questions.
We greatly appreciate your support of this important effort!



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