Training Showcases Innovative Volunteer Team Model

The Larimer County, Colorado Partnership for Age-Friendly Communities was one of the six local communities that participated in n4a's MetLife Foundation-funded Livable Communities Collaborative (LCC).
In August 2014, the LCC trained five Self-Directed Volunteer Teams (SDVTs) to advance local initiatives developed by the Larimer Partnership as part of their Livable Communities agenda.

The training program was so successful that the City of Fort Collins Senior Center asked n4a to conduct an SDVT orientation workshop for the broader community involved in volunteer programming or other public and human services programs for older adults and others.

On February 18th, n4a staff from the LCC and the Aging Network's Volunteer Resource Center conducted a three-hour, virtual workshop for nearly 50 volunteer program coordinators, staff from multiple city departments and other Larimer County leaders.

The online platform provided by Fort Collins Senior Center enabled n4a presenters and workshop participants to clearly see each other, engage in interactive discussion and even include small group exercises. Helping the broader community understand the benefits of the SDVT model and its role as a catalyst for addressing aging issues, while also providing the next generation of volunteers the roles or opportunities they desire and demand, in Larimer County was the goal of the program.



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