Last Chance to Share Your AAA’s Experiences With and Plans for Remote Service Delivery!

You've told n4a that virtual programming is an area you need additional assistance, but we need YOUR input to have a clear picture! Please take 10 minutes now to complete our Service Delivery Beyond COVID-19 poll. We will use the results of this poll to share examples, solutions to challenges and identify resources for agencies as they review their service delivery modes.

In response to COVID-19, AAAs had to shift to remote delivery of programs and services with little warning, planning or additional resources. There are benefits and challenges to delivering services by telephone and/or virtually. As in-person activities resume, what services is your agency planning to continue offering remotely? And which services will return to in-person only? Why? And, how are you delivering your remote services?
So far, we've heard that:
  • Most AAAs offered benefits counseling/enrollment assistance, case management, assessments, caregiver services, and evidence-based programs in a remote format during COVID-19.
  • Some of these have been more successful than others, and AAAs have shared why they think that is so—and what they plan to change going forward.
  • Virtual services and programs are most frequently offered by AAA staff or volunteers, but several agencies are interested in third-party providers.
  • And more!
Add your voice to these results and ensure your agency is represented. Our preliminary results show many commonalities, but also unique challenges AND solutions. Your story may inspire other AAA colleagues that are looking for solutions!
Complete the poll before it closes on Monday. Respondents will be entered into a drawing for complimentary copies of n4a's most in-demand consumer publications. Take the poll now!



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