Advocates: Make Two Calls for SHIP Funding Today!

Last month, you urged your Representatives to endorse the House Democratic Caucus Task Force on Aging and Families (TFAF) letter supporting critical SHIP funding for next year. This week, aging champion Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) is circulating a Dear Colleague (DC) letter encouraging his Senate colleagues to support State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) funding in that chamber's FY 2022 appropriations bill. 

n4a's FY 2022 appropriations request included an increase in funding for SHIP—we believe at least $79.5 million is needed to better reflect the increasing number of clients and growing complexity of Medicare. We applaud Senator Murphy for championing this important funding level and rallying his colleagues to join him in his advocacy.
But he can't do it alone! Please join n4a in urging all Senators to sign on to the Murphy DC letter on SHIP. The deadline is Friday, May 28, so please call your Senators' offices today or early next week!
Asking your Senator to support Senators Murphy's SHIP appropriations letter for FY 2022 is as easy as making a phone call. Just call the DC office and ask for the staff member who handles aging or appropriations. Let them know about the Murphy DC letter and explain how SHIP funding affects your agency and/or the older people you serve. A few talking points are below, but as always, personalize your message to your state and your Senator.
Make the Call! Find your Senator's DC office number via the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at 202.224.3121 or on your Senator's website. Share your story as to why your Senator should sign on and remember to thank them if they have!
Read Senator Murphy's Dear Colleague letter here.
Sample Script for Phone Message or Email:
“[Identify self, affiliation] I am calling today to urge the Senator to consider signing on to an important Dear Colleague letter on funding for the State Health Insurance Assistance Program, or SHIPs.
SHIPs provide older Americans, people with disabilities and their families with unbiased, free and personalized information to help them navigate Medicare enrollment and obtain benefits. Our agency operates the local SHIP and provides counseling that can save individual Medicare beneficiaries hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year. [Insert hard numbers here if you have them.]
We strongly support Senator Murphy's request of $79.5 million for SHIPs to better reflect the increasing numbers of Medicare beneficiaries who need this level of direct assistance, and I hope the Senator will sign on to the Murphy letter by Friday, May 28. [If via email, include a link to the letter.] Thank you.”



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