CDC Toolkit Offers AAAs Clear Vaccination Messages, Educational Tools

We know n4a members are increasingly involved in vaccine roll-out efforts in their communities, counties and states—and we are advocating furiously for additional resources and support for the key roles AAAs and their providers can play in this national challenge (see our recent advocacy letters). To support your education of the older adults you serve or others in the community such as family caregivers or direct care workers, new materials from the CDC may help.

CDC has released two new toolkits that can be used by community-based organizations (CBOs) and essential workers to educate community members and workers about COVID-19 vaccines, raise awareness about the benefits of vaccination and address common questions and concerns. 
The toolkits contain a variety of resources, including key messages, an educational slide deck, FAQs, posters/flyers, sample newsletter content, a plain language vaccine fact sheet (available in eight languages), template letters, social media content and vaccination sticker templates. AAAs and CBOs are encouraged to adapt the key messages and design to the language, tone and format that will resonate with the older adults they serve. The only requirement is that CDC's website remains listed on the final document.



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