Online Tool Can Help Older Americans, Caregivers and Other High-Risk Populations Make Educated, Safe Decisions Until Widespread COVID Vaccine Adoption

n4a and other key Aging Network organizational partners are participating in a national education campaign collaborative to promote CV19 CheckUp, a free online tool to assess individual risk factors, inform and encourage safe behaviors, inform and empower communities about high-risk populations and risk mitigation strategies.

Developed by BellAge, CV19 CheckUp was developed by industry and academic experts in public health, behavior change, education and emerging technologies. The system was created to help people make the best decisions about their own health, and the health of their family and loved ones during the pandemic.
n4a is collaborating with the team that created the CV19 CheckUp and Aging Network stakeholders including the AAA networks in Michigan, New York, Florida and other states to promote this valuable tool. Stay tuned for details of a webinar to learn more about how your agency can get involved and promote this life-saving, no-cost, confidential resource to high-risk older adults and caregivers in your community.



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