Ongoing Advocacy Necessary for Aging Programs as Biden Team Takes Over

The incoming Biden Administration last night unveiled a sweeping $1.9 trillion policy proposal to respond to the ongoing coronavirus crisis. While the 20-page outline references the particularly vulnerable status of older Americans, it leaves out mention of additional funding for OAA and other aging services necessary to keep older adults and caregivers safe and supported in the months ahead.

Included in the measure are significant funding proposal for individual economic relief payments, vaccine rollout and dissemination, aid to state and local governments, and additional economic relief to small businesses. Ultimately, Congress will have to develop specific legislative proposals to address many of the Biden Administration's priorities, and there are significant opportunities to continue to advocate with congressional champions about the need for additional OAA funding and other priorities including additional funding for state Medicaid programs. n4a's policy team is connecting with key staff and committee members on Capitol Hill, and will continue to update the network on necessary advocacy actions to promote additional funding for aging services.



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