Highlights from the 2020 Home for the Holidays Campaign

The holidays may be over, but that doesn't mean you have to stop sharing the Eldercare Locator's Home for the Holidays brochure and other campaign materials in your community. Visit the 2020 Home for the Holidays campaign page for information on ways you can continue to share information about local social engagement opportunities for older adults in your community all year long!

This year's Home for the Holidays campaign focused on the importance of social connection, its impact on our health—and ways the Aging Network can help older adults connect to their communities during this time of limited in-person social interactions. Fortunately for older adults and caregivers, resources are available to help older adults and caregivers stay connected to their communities, even when there is a strong need for physical distancing and the reduction of in-person social connections.

Check out the Eldercare Locator's new webpage, Resources for Social Isolation and Loneliness, which provides older adults, caregivers and loved ones with information on the importance of social connection, national resources, volunteer and social engagement opportunities, phone support lines, technology support and mental health resources.

And check out a blog entry by ACL Administrator and Assistant Secretary for Aging Lance Robinson that outlines the ACL's Commit to Connect campaign to encourage people of all ages to make a commitment to connect with family and friends to help reduce social isolation during the holiday season and beyond.



USAging Fact: Learn about your peers’ work—and how it can fit into your agency’s goals! The AIA Awards recognizes successful and innovative programs that USAging members have developed to serve older adults. Get inspiration from our 2023 winners!